Binance Mobile and Desktop Downloads

Try our Crypto Trading App on your phone or our desktop application to trade on Mac or Windows machines.

The app comes in two modes, Lite and Pro. The former prioritize speed and simplicity while Pro offers more features.


The mobile app allows traders to keep an eye on their portfolios and trade while on-the-go. Furthermore, they have access to all of the broker's research and technical analysis tools for informed trading decisions.

eToro's mobile app is popular with new investors and those seeking low-maintenance stock trading. It boasts a number of unique features, such as the 'copy trade' function which allows you to copy another person's trading strategy onto your own account.

The platform provides free Level 2 market data and powerful charting tools to help traders identify trading opportunities. They can use real-time streaming charts to analyze price trends and decide when to enter or exit the market.

It also supports paper trading, a popular feature that lets beginners test out a broker's strategies without risking their own funds. Furthermore, users can utilize the app to trade stocks, options and futures contracts.

Moomoo provides free market data as well as the option for traders to create watch lists to monitor price changes and better manage their risk. Furthermore, it provides technical analysis tools like volume and momentum indicators that can assist traders in recognizing trading opportunities.

Moomoo is an excellent option for investors who wish to trade across a variety of markets. As an established leader in this space, they provide access to comprehensive market data and cutting-edge analytical tools.

Traders can set up alerts from the app to ensure they don't miss any trading opportunities. These can be created from either the 'price alerts' tab of the menu or from their watchlist. The sync between the mobile application and web trading platform takes place in real-time, providing clients with notifications of potential openings no matter where they are.

This app provides comprehensive position data and is user-friendly. Traders can tap to view positions by current account, sort them according to quantity or make quick trades using the 'buy' or'sell' buttons.

Citizens of all countries except Syria, Pakistan, North Korea, Bangladesh, Iran, Cuba and Sudan can open an account with ZenGo without going through a Know Your Customer process. It offers users the freedom to exchange cryptocurrency across multiple blockchains without needing a KYC process and offers several security measures like insured hot wallets, non-fungible token marketplace and daily interest reward program.


Mac and Windows users now have the opportunity to download Binance's Desktop Trading App. This software offers a direct UI to the popular crypto exchange, with faster loading times on desktop than website. Plus, it comes with multiple account support as well as plenty of customization options so everyone is satisfied.

The trading app allows you to keep tabs on your holdings in any coin or token, as well as receive news and market updates. Furthermore, you can follow other traders and view their feeds and activity, plus filter by leaderboard.

Chart types such as candlestick and depth charts offer price data in an old-school manner, while the latter uses a bar-like layout to display prices over time.

With this app, you can add your own custom indicators and strategies as well as backtest and analyze trades with ease. Furthermore, there's a simulated trading mode that lets you test out strategies without risking actual money.

Another impressive feature of this app is its capacity to manage your portfolio and stay informed on taxes while on-the-go. You can even set goals, and let the program automatically construct a portfolio tailored towards achieving them.

E*TRADE Core Portfolios is an excellent mobile investing app for investors who want to construct a portfolio tailored towards their own investing objectives. It can automatically construct the portfolio based on information provided, adding and withdrawing funds as needed.

The app also boasts a host of additional features, such as in-platform videos and 8 hours of live trading content daily. Furthermore, its fast order placements make it ideal for traders with hectic schedules who want to simplify trading.

Tastyworks is an ideal broker for active traders who require all of the features of its desktop version but are optimized for mobile. It provides access to more than 13,000 securities across multiple exchanges with an intuitive interface that makes placing trades and automating tax reports a breeze. Furthermore, the company provides beginner-friendly tools like a trading simulator and EasyLanguage programming language.

Web App

Binance's mobile-first trading app puts you in control of your investment experience with one-swipe trading, advanced TradingView charts and real-time trade and order alerts. No matter if you're using an Android, iOS or desktop computer - with this one-stop platform for crypto trading you're all set!

The mobile app features a modern home screen that centralizes all your accounts, investments, planning and spending in one convenient location. Watchlists, streaming quotes and an engaging trading experience are all easily accessed with this intuitive experience. Furthermore, users on Apple devices can access their accounts without logging in through Apple's new activation feature (available only on enabled devices).

Another impressive feature is the Binance authenticator, which generates 2-Step verification codes for additional security. You can activate it conveniently within app settings (on enabled Apple devices with iOS 10.3) and get it free from the App Store.

Binance's web and mobile app offers you access to over 70+ digital assets from your phone or desktop, allowing you to purchase, sell, and transfer them with ease. Plus, with this tool you can track your portfolio value as well as do charting - helping you make informed decisions for better trading performance.

Deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency using a variety of methods, including bank, credit, debit, SEPA, ACH, Faster Payment and international wire transfers. Plus you can send and receive your cryptos right from the app thanks to its QR code scanning feature!

Moomoo is a free stock trading app with an intuitive user interface and powerful tools that can assist in making smarter investment decisions, from analyzing market trends to managing risk. It's ideal for new investors or those who need extra guidance when navigating the markets.

It offers an impressive array of educational tools to maximize your investment returns. It charges low commissions on stocks, ETFs and options trades as well as providing access to up-to-date news and events.

The ideal stock trading apps offer low fees, straightforward user interfaces and educational support. Some even provide social features to connect investors and foster a community. Finally, some provide bonuses for new users as an incentive to get them investing right away.


Trading APIs are programmatic interfaces that grant third-party application developers access to market data and order execution systems provided by a specific broker. Traders have become increasingly interested in this type of API as it enables them to develop new strategies or automate their trades.

Trading robots also help traders increase their speed and volume of trades by entering and exiting orders earlier than human intelligence could have allowed. This can improve overall trading results, particularly when markets are volatile or have a high volume of activity.

One of the key functions of a trading API is its capacity to track equity. This helps users monitor the value of their portfolio over time. To do this, the app needs to draw data from the exchange's API with as much historical accuracy as possible.

Good Crypto is an ideal example of such an application, displaying your entire portfolio over the last two years as well as a chart demonstrating price changes. It also features a social feed similar to what you'd find on Facebook and Twitter, enabling you to follow traders from various exchanges and stay informed on developments within cryptocurrency.

The platform also includes an integrated demo account that enables users to practice trading without risking real money. This feature can be beneficial for students learning about specific strategies or investing habits, and serves as a great teaching tool on money management.

Robinhood is a popular app designed to make investing for novices and the less wealthy as accessible and effortless as possible. It provides various incentives to new members, such as commission-free trades and interest on unused balances, all with one goal in mind: making investing accessible and effortless for everyone.

It's worth noting that while these features can make trading simpler, they aren't suitable for more advanced traders. Robinhood also has strict limits on the number of risky moves they allow their users to make, making even experienced traders difficult.