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Experience trading software designed with simplicity in mind yet powerful enough for experienced traders. Pocket Option allows you to earn money on global markets from the convenience of your computer or mobile phone.

The platform is regulated by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC), making it a secure place to trade. Furthermore, it provides various tools for risk management that allow you to safeguard your funds and maximize profits.

Welcome to the most contemporary and refined Platform for trading on financial markets

Are you searching for a new way to make money? Trading is one of the best options available. It can help you expand your portfolio, earn extra cash flow and enhance your quality of life. However, it's essential that you select an experienced broker with all necessary tools and resources tailored towards your requirements.

The ideal platforms provide a comprehensive selection of tools to get you started, such as an intuitive user interface and multiple asset options. Furthermore, they offer helpful educational materials, an impressive customer support system, and cutting-edge features designed to maximize your trading experience.

Beginners would do well to take advantage of a practice account, which allows them to experiment with techniques and strategies without risking actual money. It also provides insight into which features are the most helpful and which ones don't.

When selecting a platform, you might also want to explore some of its more intricate tools like charts and drawing tools which can offer valuable insight into market patterns. Furthermore, an ideal platform should offer features like customizable alerts and watch lists for added convenience.

Particularly if you're an active trader who works from home or on the go, having a mobile app is essential as it enables access to your trades wherever there's an internet connection.

A top-tier trading platform should offer a range of features to give you the edge, from an intuitive mobile app to advanced charting and analytics capabilities. In some cases, the software may even suggest which assets to invest in based on your individual criteria - providing an all-inclusive solution for knowledgeable investors.

Create your free account

Create your own account with Pocket Option in just minutes. All that's required is a valid email address and password, and once complete, you can start trading instantly!

Pocket Option is a reliable trading platform with excellent customer reviews and secure deposit and withdrawal systems. They also offer many unique features not found with other brokers. Furthermore, their mobile app allows for convenient trades while on-the-go.

Signing up for an account allows you to choose from various account types. Each one offers different advantages, such as social trading, prizes and a large number of open transactions. Furthermore, the minimum deposit requirement varies for each type of account.

Signing into your Pocket Option account with either an email or Facebook account allows for convenient management of both your funds and trading history. If you forget your password, requesting a new one is simple!

Another great advantage of Pocket Option is that it does not charge a commission on deposits and withdrawals, so there are never any hidden costs. Plus, as you watch the market, Pocket Option displays when things are moving and provides signals and indicators so you can ensure your trades yield maximum profit.

Start trading with a free demo account, where you can practice trading without risking any money. This gives you an opportunity to explore how the platform functions and learn how to maximize your investments. Plus, with select demo accounts you may even receive $10,000 in virtual cash to trade with - enough for anyone to get started trading right away!

Furthermore, the withdrawal minimum is much lower than the deposit minimum - meaning you can withdraw funds as often as desired. However, keep in mind that some banks may charge currency conversion fees if you decide to transfer your funds elsewhere.

Start using all the available trading

The Pocket Option app allows you to trade a wide range of assets, such as currencies, stocks and commodities. Plus it provides educational materials and live online training so you can make more informed decisions. Plus, the platform also provides a demo account so you can practice your trading skills before investing in a real account.

Pocket Option's advanced analytics features allow traders to take control of the market with charts, drawing tools and indicators. These tools let them monitor current conditions and make informed predictions on when prices may rise or fall. Plus, you can add in news from around the world for even deeper insight.

Social trading is another useful feature that allows you to monitor other traders' performances and compare their strategies. This can help you learn from their expertise and avoid making costly mistakes. Plus, participating in competitions with prizes is an enjoyable way to make trading even more enjoyable!

If you have any queries regarding your account, the customer support team is accessible 24/7. They offer phone, email and live chat support with prompt and courteous responses to queries.

Pocket Option is a relatively new company in the trading scene that provides clients with various tools to potentially increase profits across multiple currency industries. They're licensed and well-regarded, boasting several IT and Fintech experts on staff.

They're also renowned for their high rewards, which can reach up to 218% in the binary options market. This is more than double the average payoff from a successful high/low trade.

In fact, it's much higher than other well-known options brokers' payouts. This should be taken into account when selecting a broker.

Pocket Option offers weekly contests and a referral bonus that could be highly profitable for traders who refer friends or family members to trade with them. Furthermore, their affiliate program gives partners an generous 80% commission on profits generated from trading partners - providing long-time traders with additional income opportunities while newcomers get to experience trading with an established broker known for its customer service excellence.

Social trading

Social trading is an investment option that enables less experienced investors to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of more successful traders, as well as access various financial markets and products available. It provides newcomers with an opportunity to get started without needing to invest too much of their own capital, but it's essential that traders understand the risks involved with this form of investing.

When searching for a social trading platform, one of the first things you should check is whether it offers trading at all times. Some brokers only operate during unsociable hours, making it difficult to locate one suitable for you. Furthermore, check the asset list to confirm that the broker provides access to various markets.

Another important consideration when selecting a social trading broker is the quality of signals they offer. A reliable trading software should provide numerous options for generating high-quality signals and delivering them directly on the platform, so you can use them to accurately forecast market movements and avoid losses of money.

Social trading brokers can also provide insight into the profitability of traders and the risk they take. This helps determine if it's worthwhile following a particular trader and what level of risk to allocate to their portfolio.

It is wise to decide how much of your portfolio to allocate towards social trading, since the risk can be higher than with traditional trading. A smaller allocation, no more than 5%, might be wise.

Social trading is an invaluable opportunity for beginners to learn from more experienced investors, particularly those specializing in specific areas of the market. It also gives mid-traders an opportunity to grow and refine their strategy. Furthermore, it allows traders to share knowledge while earning revenue from trading on the side.