Pocket Option Account Registration For Futures Trading

Registration with Pocket Option is fast, effortless and free. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the trading platform.

Traders can begin with a demo account with an initial balance of $10,000. This provides them with the opportunity to practice live trading using virtual funds, making it ideal for both novices and experts alike.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Office of Enforcement

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission's Office of Enforcement investigates and prosecutes alleged violations of the Commodity Exchange Act and CFTC regulations. Such offenses may include fraud, manipulation, or other abuses that undermine market integrity, participants, and the general public.

The CFTC's Division of Enforcement (DOE) utilizes information received from members of the public, other CFTC divisions, industry self-regulatory associations and state, federal and international authorities to detect and investigate violations. DOE also relies on data it develops independently or in response to a tip or complaint.

Consequently, the CFTC has received numerous complaints about websites offering binary option trading through online trading platforms. These issues generally fall into three categories: refusal to credit customer accounts or reimburse funds; identity theft; and manipulation of software to generate losing trades.

These complaints were submitted by a variety of individuals, such as customers, brokers and investment professionals. Typically they stem from violations of the Commodity Exchange Act which prohibits individuals from offering off-exchange commodity option contracts to United States residents.

In addition to investigating and taking enforcement actions against violations of CEA and CFTC rules, the Division of Market Oversight at the CFTC strives to promote open, transparent, fair, competitive, and secure markets through oversight of derivatives platforms, swap execution facilities, and swap data repositories. When reviewing applications for designated contract markets, swap execution facilities, or swap data repositories the Division reviews them against core principles as well as other regulatory requirements in order to guarantee they meet these standards.

Moreover, the Division audits existing trading platforms and swap data repositories to guarantee they adhere to core principles and other CFTC requirements. This includes assessing system safeguards as well as conducting background checks on staff, board members and senior managers.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission's Reparations Program offers customers an inexpensive, impartial and efficient means of bringing complaints against futures industry professionals for alleged violations of the Commodity Exchange Act. Cases are adjudicated by a CFTC Judgment Officer and often result in monetary relief orders.


The CFTC has received reports of unregistered brokers selling deceptive programs that promise people unrealistic profits from home. Often, victims join online groups and are introduced to false brokers who advertise easy-to-trade opportunities. Unfortunately, these scams often advertise through Telegram chat or WhatsApp messages and can be difficult to detect.

Another type of scam involves a bait-and-switch scam, where traders are promised a subscription fee for forex information, tips, signals or other services but actually end up signing up for something they don't need. Scammers also attempt to convince victims to wire money or send cryptocurrency as payment.

Pocket Option is a widely-used broker that offers various trading assets, such as forex pairs and stocks. Its website is user friendly with customer support available 24/7 - even on weekends! Plus, Pocket Option provides various trading tools like indicators and drawing tools which provide useful insight into when markets may rise or fall.

It also offers a social trading feature, enabling traders to copy the trades of other users on the platform. This is an efficient way for you to learn from other investors and boost your chances for success in the market.

Pocket Option offers a 50% bonus on your first live account as an incentive, in addition to providing valuable information about trading signals and market movements. These signals can assist you in making informed decisions regarding when and how much to trade.

New traders will appreciate this feature as it saves them both time and money. Furthermore, the broker provides a free demo account where traders can practice trading without depositing real funds.

Pocket Option's platform is user-friendly and straightforward to comprehend, with all relevant information such as pay-out amount, time until purchase and fixed expiry clearly displayed. It specializes in speedy trading with an express trade option that allows users to place trades with an expiry time of just 30 seconds. Furthermore, customers have access to a wide variety of assets including forex pairs and cryptocurrencies which can be traded 24/7 on this platform.


If you're thinking of opening a futures trading account with Pocket Option, it is important to first become acquainted with the regulations that apply. These rules exist to safeguard traders from scams, fraud and other financial crimes.

Pocket Option is regulated by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC) in the Marshall Islands. While not an official regulator with tier one protection, IFMRRC does ensure their activities are overseen and monitored. It's wise to read customer reviews before selecting a broker.

Furthermore, the company adheres to anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies, as well as training their employees on preventing fraudulent misconduct.

Additionally, the company provides reliable customer support that is available 24/7 via email and phone. You may also contact them through live chat on their website.

Pocket Option offers an attractive demo account that allows you to practice trading without risking actual funds. Not only can this give you insight into how the platform functions, but you may even receive $10,000 in virtual cash to trade with.

This platform is user-friendly and popular with novice traders, offering them access to various assets and pairs such as forex pairs, stock shares and cryptocurrencies. With just one click you can choose your assets from a wide selection of assets and pairs!

It also boasts an innovative social trading system, offering traders the chance to connect and win great prizes. The app is compatible with both mobile and PC users and supports hotkeys for easier action.

Pocket Option offers seven account types with the low deposit requirement of just $5 - making it the cheapest deposit requirement in the industry and an ideal choice for newcomers.

Additionally, it doesn't charge any withdrawal fees and processing times are quite fast. Withdrawals typically take up to two business days and can be made using the same payment methods used for deposits - no extra costs!

To register for a futures trading account with Pocket Option, click on the "Register" button on their homepage. You will be asked for some basic information like your email address and password. After doing so, you will be directed to a page containing an agreement as well as other important details.

Trading platforms

If you're searching for a secure and dependable platform to trade on, Pocket Option is an ideal option. They are regulated by the IFMRRC and their customer support team is available 24/7. Furthermore, Pocket Option offers a complimentary demo account which is beneficial to new traders who wish to test out their trading strategies.

Pocket Option's platform is user-friendly and packed with useful features that make trading effortless. Plus, the broker provides 24/7 support as well as a wide range of trading assets including currencies and cryptocurrencies.

They offer a social trading function, connecting you with other traders so that you can copy their strategies. This is an invaluable opportunity to learn from more experienced investors and profit from their successes.

On the Pocket Option platform, you can also take part in demo account trading tournaments to practice and gain invaluable experience. Doing so will not only boost your confidence as a trader but also give you invaluable practice opportunities.

Before you can begin trading with real money, you must complete a verification process. This involves filling out an online form with your personal data and uploading an ID document. Usually, this takes less than 24 hours, after which time your account will be verified and you can begin trading immediately.

For a live account, the minimum deposit is $50 and you can trade various financial instruments such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and forex. Furthermore, you can utilize our mobile app for convenient on-the-go trading!

New users can take advantage of an unlimited demo account, which provides them with the chance to practice trading without risking their own funds. Plus, if they lose it, the account can easily be reactivated.

In addition to the demo account, Pocket Option also has a mobile app that enables traders to trade while on-the-go. This unique feature sets Pocket Option apart from other brokers by making trading convenient on-the-go an option.

Pocket Option's platform is user-friendly and allows you to trade a wide range of assets from your phone or tablet. Plus, it provides free tools like social trading and analytical charts so that you can make informed decisions.