Pocket Option Copy Trading Review 2023

Pocket option copy trading is a relatively new tool designed to assist traders in improving their results by copying the strategies of other investors.

To take advantage of this social trading feature, you need to set up a Pocket Option account and search for traders to copy. You can do this by searching by trader name or user ID.

Social Trading

Social trading, also referred to as copy and mirror trading, is an increasingly popular way of automating your investment strategy. By enabling you to follow traders and their trades, social trading takes away some of the emotion from investing and makes it more efficient. Furthermore, it gives an inside look into professional traders' worlds, along with their trades and strategies.

It is essential to be mindful of personal risks and never invest more money than you can afford to lose. While some social trading platforms may require lower minimum deposits, large sums of money can still be lost quickly.

Selecting the ideal broker is essential when it comes to social trading. Look for one that provides a wide range of assets and markets, as well as an intuitive platform. Furthermore, make sure you can trade at odd hours if you plan on accessing international markets.

Pocket Option is a well-known broker that provides various account types. From free accounts to premium and advanced versions, each has its own advantages and drawbacks; so it's worth researching which one best suits your needs before making a final decision.

Pocket Option's social trading feature is easy to use and allows you to copy the trades of other traders. Once selected as a follower, their stats and performance will be visible in your dashboard - including number of transactions, maximum profit made per trade, trade amount invested and percentage of profitable deals.

Pocket Option offers an expansive selection of assets to trade, such as Forex, stocks, ETFs and even cryptocurrencies. While some social trading platforms specialize in certain markets, Pocket Option is ideal for anyone who wants to access all major global markets.

Another impressive aspect of Pocket Option's social trading section is the variety of technical indicators available, along with five chart types and time frames from 5 seconds to one day. Traders can use these indicators to identify trends and spot trading opportunities; they include Accelerator Oscillator, CCI, ADX, Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, MACD, and RSI.

Trading Signals

Trading signals are an integral component of binary option trading, helping you make informed decisions about your investments and minimize risk. Whether you're new to trading or experienced, trading signals can boost profits and minimize losses.

Pocket Option provides traders with a selection of trading signals to choose from across multiple markets and assets, such as forex, stocks, and crypto. These signals are generated using algorithms which identify key market movements.

When selecting a signal provider, it is essential to compare different services in order to get the one that best meets your requirements. Factors like market coverage, number of trades made per month and success rate should all be taken into consideration when making your selection.

When selecting a signal provider, the type of signal provided is critical. Some services provide both automated and manual options while others specialize in one area or the other. Furthermore, ensure that your chosen provider works seamlessly with your chosen trading platform.

A reliable signal provider should have an user-friendly website and app, as well as superior customer support. They should be accessible 24/7 through accessible communication channels like email, live chat and telephone.

Additionally, a reliable provider will offer a free trial period to allow both novice and experienced traders to test out their signals without spending any money. This enables them to make an informed decision based on results rather than being locked into an expensive subscription contract.

Another way to assess a signal service's reputation is by reading reviews from online forums and reviewing PDFs or videos on YouTube. This will let you know whether customers are contented with their experience with the company's service or not.

If a trading signal service is reliable, they will display their success rate and performance history on their site. This data can help you decide if they're worth the money you'll pay for their services.

A reliable provider should offer a trial period to let you test their service and compare it with other options. The trial should last at least 7 days, allowing you to determine if they meet your trading style and budget requirements.

Trading Platform

On Pocket Option's social trading platform, traders can copy the trades of other investors in seconds. This feature is ideal for novices as it enables them to learn from successful investors without risking any real money. Furthermore, traders have the freedom to customize copy settings in order to maximize their profit potential.

The platform offers a vast selection of trading assets, such as 30+ forex pairs, popular cryptocurrency pairs, gold and silver coins, oil, single stocks, and more. Furthermore, customers have access to educational material on the platform in order to make informed decisions.

Pocket Option's social trading service also enables users to follow and copy master traders' strategies. They can filter the list based on performance, trade frequency, asset selection or other factors. Plus, traders can use the leaderboard feature to see which master traders have posted the highest win percentages or most profitable investments since the platform launched.

Selecting the ideal traders to follow can be a difficult decision, but it's worth taking into account their performance over time and winning percentage. Furthermore, they should provide live chat customer support service to answer any queries that you might have.

If you're not quite ready to open a real-money account yet, Pocket Option offers demo accounts funded with $10,000 of virtual money that allow you to practice and hone your trading skills before depositing funds on an actual account. Demo accounts offer great opportunities for practice and improvement prior to investing in one of our real money accounts.

The company's website is user-friendly and well organized, boasting an attentive staff that's ready to answer all of your queries. You can contact them via email, phone or live chat on the website for added convenience.

Pocket Option stands out from other brokers by not charging any trading commissions or fees. There are also no withdrawal limits and funds can be withdrawn at any time. Furthermore, there is no inactivity fee for accounts that don't make trades over a prolonged period of time.

Pocket Option is regulated by the International Financial Management Regulatory Commission, an international financial regulatory body that ensures client funds remain safe. Furthermore, its registration in St. Vincent & the Grenadines--a country with stringent laws regarding financial services--provides comfort to those concerned about online safety when conducting financial transactions.

Customer Support

Pocket Option offers an array of customer support channels, such as email, phone and live chat. Their team is available to assist you if you have any queries about copy trading. They may also give advice on the most beneficial strategies and how to maximize your trades.

The company places great emphasis on security and safety of customers' funds and data, creating a secure trading environment with multiple layers of protection and constant monitoring. Its customer support team is available 24/7 to resolve your queries promptly.

Pocket Option utilizes active listening when answering a customer's query to ensure the client feels heard and understood. This includes clarifying, rephrasing and repeating their concerns back to them so they know you take their issues seriously.

They also teach their staff to show empathy and patience when a customer is unhappy with their service. Doing this helps restore customer trust in the company.

They offer several time-limited promotions for new clients. The first is a 50% bonus on your initial deposit, while the second is an exclusive no-deposit bonus of $50 that can only be withdrawn after trading for several days.

Another great feature of Pocket Option's customer support is their live chat window in both website and app, which enables them to answer your question promptly. This helps reduce any delays in resolving your issue and gives you a better idea of what the process will be like in real life.

Furthermore, Pocket Option's website boasts an education center with videos and articles outlining different trading strategies. This makes it a great resource for new traders who wish to hone their skillset and learn how to trade effectively.

Users may use the simulator account to hone their strategy and develop an optimal approach for trading objectives. Once they have gained experience, users can proceed to testing those strategies on real accounts.

Pocket Option's website is user friendly and packed with helpful information about copy trading. It provides a wide variety of assets and allows traders to trade up to 4 crypto pairs simultaneously. Plus, they provide 24-hour customer support as well as documentation and live online training classes for new traders.